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Become an Affiliate With Balkanfolk

Balkanfolk has created an affiliate programme! Join the Balkanfolk.com. Affiliate Programme and you will help your visitors find the beauty of Balkan folklore and you could start earning fees today! Balkanfolk offers to your visitors a wide variety of cultural issues on-line which include:

Balkanfolk Shop - CDs, videos, costumes, instruments, books and souvenirs

Balkanfolk Practical Seminar - an annual workshop for learning:
- Balkan folklore dances: Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Armenian, Turkish, Greek
- Traditional instruments: gaida, kaval, tamboura, tapan, gadoulka, accordion
- Bulgarian and Serbian folklore singing
- Bulgarian language

By affiliating with Balkanfolk you drive your visitors to valuable Balkanfolk cultural products and earn at the same time! It costs nothing to start and we give you the option of selection of visuals to put on your site.

To be an affiliate with Balkanfolk you should follow the steps:
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2. You will receive a confirmation email letter, containing your username and password
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4. Choose one or more of our list of banners. Then copy the code below the banners that you like and paste it into your site.

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